Even as a young punk I was fascinated with the spectacle of Hollywood boulevard. Equal parts circus and train wreck, for me it has always been a microcosm of all that is funky about America. Celebrity worship, garish displays of wealth, drug addiction, homelessness, exploitation, and urban decay. All on display for mindless tourists who meander through, handing out the money that perpetuates it all.

This is an honest look at the sights and stories of the quarter mile stretch known by the locals as “the boulevard of broken dreams”.


Andy Hann was born in 1962 and raised primarily in Southern California. Along with skateboarding and surfing, he developed a deep passion for art and design which he followed into art school and then a prosperous 30 year career in entertainment advertising. After numerous awards and accolades, he says that he woke up one day and decided he was all done pandering to clients, picked up a camera and just starting shooting in the streets. “Street photography”, he now says, “is like a booger on my finger that I just can’t shake”.

Utilizing his formal design training and decades worth of advertising work, photography is a craft that seems to come quite naturally to Hann. Along with his strong sense of composition and use of natural light, he also infuses his offbeat sense of humor into most of his shots. Hann states that “I have no desire to make fun of any individual, but I love to poke fun at society, pop culture, and our general state of affairs.

• Solo show at the CAMERAWORKS GALLERY, Portland OR. 2018

• Runner up for "Best Single Image", FOCUS ON THE STORY International Photo Festival, DC. 2018

• Published in the Photographer's FORUM -  Best Of Photography 2108

• Featured twice in the EDGE OF HUMANITY Photography Magazine 2017, 2018